API Endpoint allows you to create a Flow that is activated via a URL.

API Endpoint Flows are rate-limited to 10 requests per second on a per-flow basis. The service will return a 429 status code when the limit is exceeded.

Output Fields

Output fields for the API Endpoint card are created by the user. There are three categories of output fields associated with the API Endpoint card:

  • Body
    • Creating output fields beneath this header allows you to access values contained within the body of the HTTP request. This is commonly used when activating a Flow via a POST HTTP request.
  • Headers
    • By creating output fields named explicitly (such as ‘content-type’), you can access the values contained within the HTTP request header. IMPORTANT: Since headers are normally case insensitive, you must enter the header keys you want to capture in all lowercase.
  • Query
    • Any parameters sent within the URL string, such as http://example.com/example?name=john, can be accessed by creating fields named after the query parameter. In this example, you could create the field name to get access to the value contained within this field.